Glass tile bathroom
40 ft. sq.

The victim of a low-cost renovation while the apartment was still rented, this small bathroom facing the block interior had retained none of the 1920s detailing that characterized other parts of the apartment. In order to correct the dinginess of the small room, the project proposed a radical solution of treating the walls and floor as a single, seamless, glowing surface. To amplify this effect, lighting was integrated into curved niches inserted within the wall thickness.

Curved, cast concrete corners and curbs (at the shower, for example) create a sense of seamlessness and continuous modulation of light along the wall surfaces. Toilet paper holder, soap dish and two niches for toiletries in the shower pick up on the same theme and are fabricated as customized niches covered in the same tile as the walls. Opalized Murano glass tile amplifies reflected light and compounds the effects of the curvature. Two mirrored cabinets placed opposite each other -- a medicine cabinet and a linen cabinet -- also play off the theme of reflection while creating an illusory depth of space. At the client's request, the original bathtub was removed and replaced by a shower; the remaining space was used to provide storage. Photos: Miko Almalay

Date of Completion: July 2005