European Open Competition for a High School
Liebertwolkwitz, Saxony

Located in a flat, industrial portion of former East Germany, the landscape around this small town outside Leipzig was dominated by a horizon line of high, yellowed grass. The idea of the project was to preserve the strength of the horizon line and the urbanistic logic of the loosely grouped 19th century villas and school buildings adjacent to the site. The program was subdivided into separate buildings: one for the gymnasium and multi-purpose room, one for the classrooms, one for the cafeteria and music rooms, and one for the administration. The bluff on which the existing school sat was cut by a retaining wall, which allowed for a lowered plane behind the long, bent classroom building, and for the creation of a lozenge-shaped gravel recess area, around which all the buildings were grouped.

Year of Completion: 1994


Site plan