Loft Subdivision
New York, New York

Lofts are usually quite openly structured, especially as domestic spaces. This allows the optimal use of light coming from its - typically - two windows, one to the street and one to the interior of the block, in spaces up to 70 ft. in depth. The subdivision of this loft reflects the need of the family who lives there for greater privacy. The design allows for the loft's spatial continuity to remain while providing for a work space and separate bedroom. A clerestory whose module is based upon the pre-existing stamped tin ceiling determines the dimensions of a volume which both contains the work space and separates the bedroom from the kitchen and living room. At night, the clerestory emits light from integrated light sources in the volume; during the day, the clerestory allows penetration of natural light as well as of the sprinkler pipes which traverse the loft's entire length.

Date of Completion: 1997