Apartment for a Violinist
Midtown Residence
New York, New York

This loft maintains spatial continuity while allowing for the client's twofold needs: a public front portion, to accommodate rehearsal sessions, impromptu concerts and entertaining; and a private rear portion, for concentrated work, composing and relaxing. Between the two is an element - between furniture and architecture - which creates a caesura rather than subdividing the two areas. The stairs conceal a set of drawers: each step pulls out for the storage of smaller items, which are operated by touch latches. At the same time, as the client attests, they are also a place to lounge, to socialize, to sit. At the top of the stairs is a seating nook which offers the best view of the space as a whole, as well as an alternative to the larger, open spaces of the downstairs. Underneath the stairs is a large walk-in closet. Photos: Walter Mair

Date of Completion: 2003
Total Area: 2,000 ft. sq.


Side view, stair/seating element;  View to stair/seating