Shoreline Pool
New York, East River
Honorable Mention

This project was an entry to a competition intended to contribute to New York's growing initiative to revitalize its waterways.
Our proposal is a floating pool and raft which can adapt itself to a number of shoreline configurations: the raft can conform to the contours of the shore's curves.
The raft structure comprises 33 pontoon-chains held in place by transverse truss-like elements. The former support the elastic pool shell, while the transverse elements support the fexible decking.
Because of the modular structure, a variety of pool sizes and types are possible.
The immediate proximity of the natural water element and urban density also raises awareness of the preciousness and fragility of this kind of experience in the city.

"100 Ideas for New York City", Municipal Art Society of New York
"New York's Floating Bathhouses", Lower Eastside Tenement Museum, New York
"The Waterfront Conference NY/NJ", The Waterfront Project, New York

Year of Completion: 1998 (competition); 1999-2000 (feasibility study)


Map of the East River Floating pool moorings