Solar Roofpod
Net Energy Gain Penthouse
New York; exhibited at the 2011 Solar Decathlon in Washington, DC

Designed, developed and realized within CCNY's Bachelor of Architecture program at the Spitzer School of Architecture in collaboration with the Grove School of Engineering, Sciame Construction, NREL and multiple industry partners, this compact penthouse is conceived to use the only underdeveloped real estate in New York City: its rooftops. The building is a net energy producer for the building below, feeding both electricity and thermal energy into the existing infrastructure. Its extensive terraces, supported on a dunnage system similar to what is used for water towers, mitigates storm water run-off, heat island effect and airborne particulate matter. Whether privately owned, communally occupied or rented as part of a de-centralized hotel system, the roofpod has the capacity to improve quality of life throughout New York City and other densely built urban areas.

For full information, see CCNY Solar Decathlon. All photos by Albert Vecerka/Esto

Date of Completion: 2011


Solar Roofpod, CCNY campus