Timber-framed Community Building
Stanfordville, NY

Designed to be shared by three families living on adjacent properties, this 4,500 ft sq building references the “bank barns” typical of this area, but transforms its structural principles to create a mathematically regular, modern interior space that can be used for play, craft, dance, work or parties. The lower floor is planned as a woodshop and ceramics workshop; the mezzanine above the primary space will be used for desk-top activities. Because of the unusual client structure, the project was realized as a collaborative design/build: client, architects, interns and professional builders worked together on its realization. The primary framing is hemlock, harvested from trees, which had been killed by insect blight. Subtle structural manipulations were used to eliminate traditional cross-bracing and to make possible the thinnest, most elegant dimensions in the structural framing. Unlike traditional barns, the entire center portion of the two long walls is open, infilled with custom design/built cedar windows, to create a strong relationship with the surrounding woods and views. Roof and end-walls are super-insulated, and cast concrete floors with integrated radiant heat contribute to excellent energy efficiency. The building’s interior heating operates substantially off four tube collector panels, supplemented by a high-efficiency propane condensing boiler with heat recovery system.

Date of Completion: 2011